We will finish the Iteration 6 of our PBL project next December 5th and therefore it remains only one iteration to finish the Milestone 1.

Along this Iteration 6 we have progressed considerably in very diferent ways:

  • We have changed our way to manage work through Trello tool because we used to note down too wide and huge tasks which had several checklists. So we decided to convert them in simple tasks which also improved our efficiency due to we complete our tasks in a quicklier way than before and that motivates us.
  • Relating to Samba, we have increased its conversation and now it can talk about our mates from other PBL projects that we also talked about previously.
  • In this iteration we have focused in the API’s development which it is finished lacking in more CRUDs made and several functionalities added – which we will dig into later once Milestone 1 be fulfilled.
  • Every single SEO task has been finished in spite of they requires a continuous maintenance. We changed the corporate web URL from /corp to /inkwell, in order to improve the SEO but this cost us some indexing mishaps that we finally solved.

Those are all the tasks that we have done during this iteration which has taken us too much time but we are pretty happy with the results. If you want to see our advances day-to-day, you can follow us on Twitter, Instagram or our blog. See you at the end of the milestone.

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