On January 10th at Inkwell we made the Exposition Milestone 1 PBL of Multimedia Engineering.

We met in the auditorium of the Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante at 11:30 am to begin the act where Milestone 1 PBL was finalized.

In these expositions, not only Inkwell finished with Milestone 1, but also the other PBL Multimedia Engineering groups did.

Order of PBL group presentations

In this PBL Multimedia Engineering presentation, we try to capture and emphasize everything that Aulapp and Inkwell can help.

To do this, we show to the audience the progress so far, the business proposals and the daily problems and we propose their pertinent improvements and solutions, making it clear to whom it is especially directed and in what we differentiate ourselves from other similar platforms.

However, for this occasion we only had eight minutes to tell everything, which is why we had to be very concise and act very quickly and without failures. Although the latter was not entirely possible due to unexpected last-minute errors, at Inkwell we welcome the result of showing Aulapp for the first time in this presentation Milestone 1 PBL.

Here you have the link to the presentation Milestone 1 PBL of Multimedia Engineering provided by the University of Alicante.

Click to go to the presentation Milestone 1 PBL

In the link provided you can see all the presentations of Milestone 1 of the PBL headed by Inkwell and followed by the rest of the Content Management groups. After finishing the exhibitions of all the groups of the mentioned specialization, they followed the presentations of our colleagues of Multimedia Engineering who are studying the specialization of Creation and Digital Entertainment.

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