Everything that involves the PBL

In Multimedia Engineering degree there is a “peculiarity” as far as the last year is concerned. In this last year we have to choose between two branches and perform the PBL of one of them: Content Management or Digital Entertainment.

Once this is done, we will study compulsory and optional subjects focused on the realization of a project associated with these branches. This means that each subject is designed to teach us and provide content to that great project.

All this is what we call PBL, (Project-based learning) very different from the EODP (End-of-degree Project) that we will also have to do in order to graduate.

We, we named ourselves Inkwell, have clearly gone through the Content Management branch. Our PBL project, Aulapp, is based on a platform where people can take classes by streaming and receive them by private teachers.

Our goal is to help the entire community of students and teachers, regardless of their age, find what they need from this topic as quickly and easily as possible. But not only that, we want Aulapp to be a website where users feel comfortable and safe.

The intention of Aulapp is to offer all the subjects that they could imagine, even the most difficult to find, repositories of materials uploaded by the teachers of the web available to all users, efficient classes by streaming, repositories of 3D objects to interact in the streamings, our chatbot Samba and especially the provision of any of our developers for any problem that may arise.

However, we are not alone in this, there are other colleagues who, like us, are developing their Multimedia Engineering PBL projects and we would like them not to go unnoticed.

Quasmic from Hustle Hub

Omu from OmuSapiens

Maître from Quantum Five

Bikko from Equx

LiveAway from Flinger

Hearmee from Mee6

If you still want to know more about the Multimedia Engineering PBL you should visit the University of Alicante website’s section which refers to the branch that we have chosen: Content management.


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