On January 8th, the Multimedia Engineering Milestone 2 PBL began, coinciding with the testing day for the Milestone 1 presentations.

This Milestone 2 is designed to resume activity during the exam season in January after the Christmas holidays. Besides, we don’t miss a month of work until classes resume at the University of Alicante.

However, the reality is a little different from the original idea that our PBL professors had. This Milestone 2 PBL is full of deliveries of subjects from the first quarter of Multimedia Engineering, which means that we have not stopped working at all during the holidays. Moreover, it also defines the function of this Milestone to a simple thing: “Improve and deliver”.

  • Improve: As we have explained, in the presentations of Milestone 1, all the pending bugs and improvements have been marked as objectives to be completed for this Milestone 2.
  • Deliver: Due to the delivery of specific subjects such as MTS or E-Learning, which we have to deliver reports and make presentations for Milestone 2.

In summary, in this Milestone 2 of the Multimedia Engineering PBL in Inkwell we will focus on improving Aulapp (already presented), correcting errors, developing pending things and delivering and finishing all the subjects of the first quarter of Multimedia Engineering.

Finally, Milestone 2 will be delivered on January 24th, the date on which we hope to have achieved all of the above.

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