Hi! We are the Inkwell group and we present our Aulapp application and their social networks. It is part of the PBL (Project-Based Learning) project of the Multimedia Engineering degree.

Our PBL Project, Aulapp, arises after realizing different problems in various aspects and after doing a series of problem analysis. These problems are:

  • Visibility of private teachers: The clientele of private teacher is generated through rudimentary means. That is, its diffusion systems limit word of mouth among legal tutors or students themselves. This fact makes them often lack of students or in precarious conditions.
  • Educational deficiencies in today’s society: Spain has one of the highest percentages of young people without studies of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). This is because 35% of young people between 25 and 34 have not finished their post-compulsory studies.
    Source: ElMundo.es
  • Lack of educational support, especially in higher education: The vast majority of private teachers teach primary and secondary education but the amount decreases as the courses progress. Able to teach high school, for example, there are few. This becomes a very important problem for university students. Many times they find themselves alone and desperate in the face of very complicated and difficult subjects. And nobody helps them. This occurs especially in qualifications of the scientific and technological branches.

However, given all these problems, Aulapp proposes a series of solutions.

  • Unlimited reach, thanks to the Internet.
  • 3D environment. To improve explanations.
  • Qualified faculty.

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