The day and time of the presentation of Milestone 1 of the ABP of Multimedia Engineering and the turn of each group have already been made official.

In Inkwell we will expose on Friday, January 10th at 11:30 a.m. in the Polytechnic School 1 Meeting Room opening the presentations of the other PBL groups.

In this presentation of Milestone 1, we will show Aulapp, all of our business and project ideas in addition to the progress made in all other aspects. And all that in just 8 minutes, time that we have and in which we will have to focus on the most important parts and be clear at all times.

However, on January 8th, two days before, we will have the possibility to perform tests and practice during the General Rehearsal. We will sit down with the Multimedia Engineering Content Management professors and test the operation of what we will show during the presentation.

As an incentive, for anyone who is interested, the University of Alicante provides a link to watch the presentations live, in addition to recording them on video for later viewing.

The link of live streaming will only serve during the hours that the presentations last (From 11:30 a.m.).

From Inkwell, Aulapp and as Multimedia Engineering students we wish you a happy new year!


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