Today we did the PBL Exposition from Multimedia Projects (MP) subject.

The main point of our PBL Exposition was software licenses.

Every single member of Inkwell has taken part in the exposition and we have exposed this items in this order:

  1. Javi: Microtransactions, Fremium and In-App Advertising Model.
  2. Irene: Paid & Paidmium Model and Subscription Models.
  3. Raúl: Upload an App to Google Play Store.
  4. David: Upload an App to App Store.
  5. Fran: Upload an App to Steam.
  6. Rubén: Upload an App to Epic Games Store.
Inkwell team during the exposition

If you want to know more about us, please go back and visit our blog to be up to date. You can also watch the slide presentation that we used at the exposition.

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