MSI is a subject from the Content Management itinerary of Multimeda Engineering‘s 4th year, whose acronym means Multimedia Services on Internet.

After a long quadrimester it is the time to deliver all the work done about this subject.

In this subject we have learnt to manage our servers, create requests, routers, networks and especially the API with its database and the project which we still have to finish.

Besides all the management and maintenance stuff we have had to document everything thoroughly. The delivery of all the documentation of the subject with everything we have achieved, will be held on December 16th at 12:00 am.


  • Server correction guide MSI.04 – Infrastructure: In this document we have talked about the whole project briefly. The Rest Server (tokens, iSQL protections, CRUDs, e.g.), the Web Server (settings and securtiy), the Database and Other Services like Bacula, Nagios or the storage.
  • Document MSI.05 – API Backed: This document has shaped the making of the API, the use of Express technology, the routes we use, the connection to the database, the use of Node in it and the great road we have traveled with Angular.
  • MSI.07 – Tests: For this document, it has been necessary to write about the tests we have warned and performed. Tests such as route restrictions, errors we have found, speed tests, tests of large uploads to the database (1000 users at a time) and especially safety tests.
  • MSI.08 – Validation: In this document we have had to focus on the validation, what happens when registering a user, logging in and out, the validations of the administrators or logging in with Google (through its token), of the validations of the forms or even of the validations of the database.

Honestly, it has been a great experience although, above all, it lasts.

We know that he have MSI things to learn or perhaps to have done for this delivery but we are convinced that not everything has gone so wrong. However, we are aware that this does not end here.

The project has reached its halfway point and in a few days, on December 20th, Milestone 1 is delivered, where Aulapp will finally be brought to life.


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