This Wednesday we deliver iteration 5 file, and there is less and less to finish Milestone 1, which ends on December 20.

In this iteration things have already begun to get serious. We have focused on leaving everything ready for what begins, since, we are two days away from the final sprint of Milestone 1.

The priority in these two weeks has been to make the API that will manage a large part of our project. To do this we have had to see several tutorials and guides to learn new technologies. But we have finally achieved what was expected.

Apart from the central task, we have prepared Samba, our virtual assistant so that through Telegram, for the moment, we can have a conversational conversation with her. We have also advanced in the SEO of the website and the plan of our social networks, which notice from now on, there will be more movement in those sections. Apart from all the management and improvement of this entire website.

To end, here you have the videos we watched in this iteration 5:

Node tutorial
Visual Studio Code tutorial
Express & Sequelize tutorial


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