We have reached the iteration 4 and we are going to talk how we have organized ourselves and the tasks we have done, as well as those ones that haven’t been finished yet because of the lack of time.

For this iteration, we have classified all the undone tasks in different groups and we designated people in charge to each one in order to every aspect to move forward at the same time. However, initial predictions about how much time it will cost to finish certain tasks haven’t been fulfilled. That’s why we continue meeting every Tuesday so as to help each other in case doubts come out although we are not working in these activities at that moment.

The tasks that we have completed are:

  • Corporate web (Done on WordPress) plus a previews blog. Uploaded on a ovh server with a beta data base.
  • Virtual Assistant or chatbot running on Telegram. We named it Samba and it is open to inquiries about our web future.

To sum up, from iteration 4 only SEO implementation still a ongoing task at the corporate web. We used it to help Google’s search engine to index us easily as well as strengthen our server security – we have had a failed hack.

So, if you want to stay tuned for all our advances, don’t hesitatge, visit our corporate web.

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