Tomorrow ends Inkwell Milestone 1 PBL. This milestone has been an experience as students of Multimedia Engineering and for Aulapp.

We have been able to see what a PBL project really is and how difficult it is to move it forward although we already knew from the beginning of the degree that it would not be an easy path.

In Milestone 1 we have gone from an initial theoretical approach to the project to begin its realization, at which time we have been fully aware of its magnitude.

We have worked hard over the course of these months although it has finally been a rewarding experience. During the development of the PBL project, we tried to simulate as much as possible a development of a real application for a company in the labor world, although in the end we had the support of the University to use certain technologies.

This means that we have already worked as in a company: in groups, controlling schedules, writing monitoring and control reports, solving real problems such as unexpected failures and using real servers.

All this is what we have experienced during Milestone 1 and we are quite satisfied with the final result because despite all the difficulties that have arisen, we have learned from our mistakes and improved to move forward.

Our advances have been published periodically in our Blog, Twitter and Intagram. To recap, these have been the contents that we have developed for each subject.

Subjects of Milestone 1 PBL

  • MSI: Multimedia Services on Internet has been one of the most difficult subjects of Milestone 1 PBL. It has been even the most difficult of the Multimedia Engineering degree. In this subject we have had to create, with an OVH domain that has been provided to us, a real and own server, with security, with danger of being attacked (danger that still persists) and exposed to the outside world. We have also had to manage all the backups (with Bacula and Nagios), the database (mySQL), monitoring and most importantly, the creation of our API and link it to the server, Angular, the database and the Bakend with the Frontend.
  • MTS: Multimedia Transmission Systems has taught us how to show ourselves abroad, to reach out to who we have to reach and how to track our progress by opening the doors to the world of SEO. A huge world full of tools and knowledge that can literally make a difference between a successful project and a failure. Tools like Google Search Console, Yoast SEO and Google Analitys among many others that have helped us. In addition, thanks to MTS, this Blog was born.
  • MP: Multimedia Projects has guided us in managing the entire project. We have learned to write follow-up documents, budgets, risks, costs, count the hours as if we worked in a real company and make presentations. In short, essential things to finish a PBL Multimedia Engineering project.
  • E-Learning: In this subject we have learned to work with artificial intelligence and to structure the information. From here something really important has come out, which we have already mentioned in other posts: our virtual assistant, Samba.

Once the contents of each subject of Milestone 1 have been described, we will proceed to make a blog entry for each one, explaining them in detail with tutorials and resolutions of problems encountered.

The final document of Milestone 1 will be delivered on December 20th although our work will not cease as we will continue active these holidays.

Happy holidays from Inkwell and Aulapp!

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